Elmore Networks Managed Antivirus

September 15, 2019

Elmore Networks AV Defender

Elmore Networks AV Defender provides comprehensive anti-virus and anti-malware protection for Windows devices using Bitdefender® technology.

Elmore Networks server Probe:  The central monitoring solution where all monitored data is aggregated and processed.  A software component that resides on a server grade system within a customer’s network, behind their firewall or within their private IP space. Probes provide monitoring and management services for devices on the network. The probe is used to cache the AV Defender installer (~250Meg in size) which is then passed to the Agent for installation.

Agent:  An additional software component that is installed on a Microsoft device in order to gather data specific to that local device. Agents are typically installed on all Windows devices to provide full monitoring and management regardless of the logical placement of that device on the Internet. The agent is used to install and manage the AV Defender product.

Endpoint client:  The AV Defender software itself; provides robust virus protection including both signature­ based detection and behavioral analysis for protection against zero­day threats.

 Update server:  Caches product and signature updates for distribution to endpoints on your local area network; using update servers will reduce demand on network resources.