IT Consulting Services

We supply customers with a regular, detailed IT asset reports, also showing changes over time, either new assets appearing or previous assets
Our skilled consultants can train customer employees in a variety of areas, including specific application usage, security concerns and best practices, optimizing their workflow, and training on a variety of other technology topics.
Research, analyze and evaluate possible solutions for clients. Technical advice is available to ensure equipment and applications will perform the tasks required. It is also important that equipment complies with our policy to ensure appropriate quality, reliability and supportability.
A Hardware evaluation service is provided when necessary for non-supported computer equipment and for on-going evaluation of preferred supplier’s new
A detailed service history for all managed or serviced equipment is maintained. This ensures that trends in faults and in the reliability of equipment are more easily spotted, and we can move to ensure rectification to avoid the occurrence of high impact incidents.
The centralized purchasing of IT equipment allows an automated system to add the equipment into the client Fixed Assets Register, and to the Configuration Management Database. This ensures accurate records are kept on the location, specifications and usage of all equipment. We plan and manage the optimal functioning lifespan of our client’s IT assets, and plan for their upgrade, retirement and/or replacement in an ongoing fashion.
We supply a regular report showing actual licenses consumed of a specific application, compared to the number of installations of that application. This allows customers to stay within compliance of their vendor software licensing agreements.
Using a combination of industry-standard tools and procedures, we document and assess a customer’s network, looking for areas of vulnerability, bottlenecks, service gaps and other concerns about the network in its ability to support the customer’s business services and requirements. At the conclusion, we offer a report that categorizes and details the findings, with emphasis on areas that require change or improvement.
We supply our customers with regular reports that have analysis of technical issues. They include: Windows patch levels/success, backup performance, O/S errors, security issues, application compliance and more.
We supply our customers with regular reports that have detailed technical usage metrics. They include: bandwidth, traffic, disk utilization, network incidents, memory, CPU.
We maintain direct relationships with hardware and software manufacturers and vendors, effectively communicating with them on behalf of our customers on support, research and upgrade issues.
We help you document, analyze and standardize the most efficient way for your employees to use your network to effectively support your business.