Security Support Services

Proper configuration and installation of supported antivirus applications on both servers and workstations. Includes ongoing maintenance, such as updates to the application, the virus definitions, and any necessary changes to the configuration. We also monitor your anti-virus software vendor’s website and public sites for information on new viruses and destructive programs.
Continuous monitoring of the availability and connectivity of the customer’s firewall to ensure the device is up and running.
We maintain the system version software and operating system of the customer’s firewall, continually manage policy and configuration changes, and coordinate necessary service outages with the customer to minimize access and security interruptions.
Greatly increase network security by monitoring and policing all traffic outbound and/or inbound to the network, while decreasing the bandwidth usages due to proxy services.
We implement and manage a system that collects and analyzes information from a variety of system and customer network resources, looking for signs of internal misuse or intrusion. IDS alert generally requires human evaluation of the threat and manual intervention to stop an attack. On the other hand, the more subtle and complex rules that an IDS uses to analyze system activity allow it to detect vulnerabilities and intrusions that a firewall may miss.
Ability to secure, manage and monitor clients network using Microsoft ISA Server. An integrated edge security gateway that helps protect IT environments from Internet-based threats while providing users with fast and secure remote access to applications and data.
Using a combination of specialized tools and expertise, our security specialists discover and document the current security state of a customer network, taking into account current hardware, operating systems, applications, policies and configuration. We identify vulnerabilities and potential weaknesses that a customer may be exposed to, and offer a solution to remedy them.
Vulnerability assessment scanning is the only proactive way to detect and resolve vulnerabilities and keep attackers out. The short time it takes to perform a scan can save hours of works, thousands of dollars in downtime and protect priceless proprietary data and information.
For an added layer of security to internet applications your business uses, we can configure, maintain and manage a proxy server to remove the majority of risk from your internal network.
Continuous monitoring of the customer’s antivirus software, including information such as viruses detected/quarrantined, virus definition updates, and whether the application is running properly on each device.
Continuous monitoring of the health and operation of the customer’s firewall, including security incidents reported, network traffic, and device availability.
In the unlikely event of a major outbreak, it is important that the response is targeted and coordinated properly. An emergency response plan has been created for just that purpose and communications between this team and clients are maintained throughout the outbreak and recovery period.