Elmore Networks Cloud Backup

June 1, 2019

cloud backup

According to a report by SonicWall, 638 million Ransomware attacks occurred last year, with $209M dollars being paid out for Ransomware payments during just the first quarter of 2016. What is your company doing to protect your valuable data?

Carbonite conducted a survey that found “Sixty-six percent of IT professionals identify ransomware as a serious threat, YET ONLY 13 percent say their company is PREPARED to handle it”

CTOvision recently gave this advice … “The best way to protect against ransomware is to have a strong series of backup solutions. It is almost impossible for ransomware to get into backup systems; if a file containing ransomware malware is included in a backup, the file is encrypted and can’t spread the disease during storage in the cloud.”

Our Cloud Backup is designed to have a low footprint on CPU, bandwidth and storage usage, employing innovative and industry-leading technologies.

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  • True Delta Technology reduces backup volume.
  • Incremental backups only include block level changes.
  • You only backup the part of the file that has changed, not the whole document each time. 
  • <1% a day prevents using too much bandwidth to send to Elmore Networks’ cloud storage. 
  • <1% a day prevents using excessive cloud storage to store daily backups 
  • <1% a day prevents storing more than 100% of the selected data


  • Client-side encryption: Choose between 128 bit AES, 256 bit AES or 448 Blowfish encryption: No need for a secure internet connection. 


  • Client-side delta discovery Fast discovery of the changes in directories and even within files, reduce backup windows up to 10 times.  
  • Client-side deduplication.
  • Deduplication on a very high level, block based. Prevents sending and storing data unnecessarily. Client-side compression
  • Prevents sending and storing more data than needed.
  • Client-side encryption Before sending, the data is encrypted.
  • No need for an extra secure connection or extra security on your storage.  
  • Client-side cabinet caching.  
  • Before sending data to the cloud, it is cached client-side.  
  • This greatly reduces bandwidth load, files stored in the cloud and also the CPU overhead required.
  • CPU optimized client Performing the backup takes less than 10% of a typical CPUs capacity.
  • Hetergenios Support OS support for the latest Linux, MAX OS X and Microsoft platforms.


  • Fully audited, highly secure datacenters: Minimized security risks on datacentre usage.  
  • Redundant cloud management
  • Maximum coverage SLA
  • Datacenter certifications: ISO 9001-14001-27001-50001,
  • OHSAS 18801, PCI DSS, chapter 9 compliant SSAE16 SOC1
  • LocalSpeedVault technology
  • Storing a second local backup on the client-side makes it possible to perform restores using local storage.
  • For larger datasets, restores will not be limited by the speed of the connection to the cloud
  • Customers feel safer, not only storing data in the cloud, but also on premise


  • Low bandwidth usage Cabinet technology and low delta’s minimize the usage of the connection, both for backup and restore
  • Advanced reconnect When the connection fails during backup, backups will continue when the connection is restored
  • Advanced bandwidth throttling Limits the usage of the bandwidth during specific hours


  • Virtual Disaster Recovery and Bare Metal Recovery options
  • Improve recovery times by recovering failed systems as
  • VMware or Hyper-V compatible virtual machines
  • Bootable recovery media saves time and eliminates the need to preload the OS during physical server recovery
  • Standardize on a single solution for your customers backup and disaster recovery needs


  • Management console 
  • (MC) Monitoring backups at a glance from a single pane of glass
  • MC remote commands Pushing settings and commands from the management console saves times
  • MC auto-update Automatic updates for all clients with one mouse click
  • MC user roles / auditing Different roles can be predefined, supports auditing
  • MC advanced scheduling Enables backups to be scheduled per plugin, per hour or weekly
  • Easy exclude Selected file types can be easily excluded from the backup, prevents storing data you don’t want to backup
  • Easy selection Easily select files to backup through a predefined set
  • Priority backup / restore Selections flagged as important will be the first to be backed-up and will be restored first

Delta restore

  • The absolute minimum delta from the cloud will be retrieved to perform a restore, resulting in very fast restore times
  • Virtual drive restore Drag and drop, self-service restores right from your local virtual backup


  • File & Folder backup Granular selection of files and folders for backup, including files that are open or in use
  • Windows System State


  • Live backup of Windows System State to ensure full system recovery following a disaster
  • Shared folders backup Backup multiple shared folders with one client
  • Microsoft Exchange plugin Backup live Microsoft Exchange Server backup using VSS
  • Microsot SQL plugin Protect live Microsoft SQL Server database backup and perform delta restores of blocks that are changed
  • Microsoft SharePoint plugin Live Microsoft SharePoint Server backup using VSS 3rd party database backup
  • Most 3rd party databases and applications can be backedup and restored as flat file, though there are some databases that can be processed ‘live’
  • Oracle plugin Live Oracle backup through RMAN
  • MySQL plugin Backup and restore MySQL databases
  • Hyper-V plugin Backup and restore of Hyper-V based virtual machines
  • VMware backup Leverages Change Block Tracking (CBT) for easy backup and restore of full virtual machines, even to another
  • Continuous recovery
  • Bare metal recovery
  • Virtual server restore
  • Data archiving
  • Hybrid cloud backup services with on- and off-site storage in a single product
  • Brick-level Exchange restore
  • VMware and Hyper-V backups
  • Customizable data retention
  • Reduced backup windows
  • Ultra-secure data storage
  • And more