Mobile Device Management

October 17, 2019

The increased use of smartphones and tablets in the workplace has driven the need for better management and control of mobile devices.  With the possibilities of lost or stolen devices, new security measures need to be considered.  There may also be the desire to limit or control what applications are allowed on mobile devices.  Mobile device management software gives total control back to the business no matter where the mobile devices is located.

MDM software provides functionality in policy enforcement and management, inventory management, security management and software distribution.

Enforcement of policies are essential in protecting business intellectual property and assets.  This relies on policies being defined to handle access control, acceptable use agreements, proper encryption and the management of data.

MDM software will enforce an acceptable use policy, which can limit the types of apps that can run on the mobile device.  This is critical in preventing data loss and intellectual property theft.

Inventory management will include registering the devices, assignment of devices to groups of users and reporting functions.

The security management will include the ability to set password requirements as well as possible VPN configurations.  It is also responsible for installing SSL certificates for authentication and encryption.  Another key aspect of the security management is the ability to remotely wipe a device that has been lost or stolen.  Preventing potential loss of business data.

If mobile devices are in use in your business, you need Mobile Device Management to manage, secure and support devices in the field.